Restoration Continues at Rattle and Snap

When Rattle and Snap was restored over 40 years ago, interior cornices, mouldings and ceiling medallions gracing the first floor rooms were painted the same colors as the walls.

Recently, experts advised the owners that these cornices , mouldings and ceiling medallions had most likely been painted different and more vibrant colors in the days of George and Sallie Polk. 

Because the present owners wanted to restore these architectural elements to their historically correct colors, the owners contacted Mark Brown, Executive Director Emeritus at Belmont Mansion, Nashville, Tn.  They asked him if he would refer them to the restoration artist who was working at Belmont Mansion. He told them about talented artist, Grace Abernethy. The owners contacted Grace. When her schedule allowed, Grace began work here at Rattle and Snap.

As Grace was best described in the Belmont Mansion Newsletter Spring 2023:

"Her path began in childhood with a penchant for drawing. As a college student, her budding interest in historic architecture was nurtured to full bloom by the historic buildings of Charleston,SC. Her affinity for color combined with her academic interest led Grace to explore historic interior paint schemes. The mixture of talent and passion resulted in a person uniquely suited to recreating historical graining and painted ceilings."

Grace completed her historically correct painting in the reception room and double parlor just this past spring. These rooms have come alive and the owners are pleased to share them with visitors who come to tour Rattle and Snap. 


Plaster ceiling molding before restoration



  Grace high atop scaffoling continues work


Historic Painting is Restored in Reception Room

Ceiling molding and clouds

Double Parlor During Restoration